Changing the Publication Date of a Post: Good or Bad for SEO?

Changing the Publication Date of a Post: Good or Bad for SEO?
There are many techniques that we can use to improve the organic or SEO positioning of our website.

However, we rarely know the significance and the real consequences of each of these actions, such as changing the publication date of a post on your blog. Do you want to know what it is and when it is better to do it? Keep reading, we explain it to you.

What should a good SEO-optimized post look like?

To understand why it might be interesting to modify the publication date of a blog article, we must first take a step back to remember that there are many factors that Google takes into account to evaluate a web page positively. Among them, content predominates and, to be effective, this content must meet some criteria, such as:

  1. Be optimized. Gone is the time when writing for the sake of writing helped us appear on the Internet. Today, in 2019, and with great competition in almost any sector, it has long been essential to respond with our content to the searches that users make, implementing a correct keyword strategy in our copywriting.
  2. Include natural language in your writing, prioritizing primary and secondary keywords related to the topic (what we call semantic content), thus avoiding practices such as keyword stuffing, which today are not very useful and even counterproductive.
  3. Be updated, having expanded or corrected it at some point after its publication. In this way, we keep the information current and prevent our content from becoming out of date (especially in highly active topics). Therefore, updating it relatively frequently means that, according to Google, it maintains and increases its quality.

How does Google know that my post is quality?

To begin with, the question is not correctly formulated, and that is that we often tend to focus erroneously only on the usefulness that some practices represent for Google. However, the role of the user in organic positioning is also essential.

Therefore, we must take into account additional factors, important for both:

Will changing the date of a post increase the traffic and positioning of my website?

As we can see, the date of publication and update of a post is important for search engines and for the user, and hence the relevance that it sometimes receives. For this reason, the picaresque can invade us and ask us a very common question: if we change the publication date to a more recent one in our post, even though we have not modified anything else, can we trick Google into considering our content more current and, therefore of higher quality?

The truth is that it depends on many variables outside the website or piece of content itself, such as:

So, do I change or not change the publication dates of my posts?

We have reached the key question, and that is that generally, not everything is black or white. The reality is more complex, and we must assess the consequences of each decision, first analyzing our situation at the digital level.

In general terms, the best option will be to keep the publication dates of those original posts that, despite being old, we want to keep (especially because they deal with topics of timeless interest, called evergreen content), but including date of the last update. In this way, we will avoid misleading the user, thinking that they should not take into account our content because it has an old publication date in the search results.

And we will not deceive Google with changes in the publication date, as it could be counterproductive by verifying that this content already existed before. On the other hand, it will be a priority and complementary update the information and the date of the old ones whose content has been outdated, so that it is consistent with that indicated update date.

As for trends, we will also take them into account, and we will take advantage of an upward search trend to update the publication date of our post.

A practical example: imagine that kpop breaks into Europe this year and your website or blog is related to the world of music (cultural magazine, record company, personal blog...). In that case, updating the date of a post in which you have talked about kpop groups will be ideal, and it will help you move up some positions. In this way, you will take advantage of the searches of new users interested in this current trend, and you will convert them into new traffic for your website.

And if I still have to or want to, how do I change the publication date of a post?

To achieve this, we can resort to some plugins such as " WP Old Post Date Remover " that, after a brief configuration, will automatically remove the date of those posts that reach the age that we mark at the time they do so.

Plugin to change the publication date of a blog post in WordPress, the other hand, if you are one of those who prefer to avoid plugins, you also have the option to manually modify the date in the Publishing options of each post in WordPress or your favorite CMS. It's as simple as accessing the side panel from Edit view. How to change the publication date of a blog post manually in WordPress

Would you instead we do it for you? If you want to trust us with your content strategy focused on SEO, do not hesitate to contact us. Our consultants will analyze your situation and design a personalized proposal for you.

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