Google Data Studio for SEO - Tips for Perfect SEO Reports

Google Data Studio for SEO - Tips for Perfect SEO Reports
Google Data Studio for SEO - Tips for Perfect SEO Reports

There are processes, trends, and tools that "revolutionize" some aspects of digital marketing. Years ago, it happened with Facebook Ads, and another case is Shopify, or for example, AAWP for affiliation. Google Data Studio is an essential tool that cannot be missing in any (digital) marketing agency. In this article, we explain how to combine it with your SEO department.

What is Google Data Studio?

Data Studio is a free tool from Google. Its functionality is to be able to visualize practically and simply different data in panels, and graphics. No more long reports with hundreds of data, or spending hours making reports that you did not understand.

Intuitively analyze your data, and adapt it to each of your clients. At a glance, you will be able to see graphs and evolutions of all those data that interest you.

What Data Can We Bring Into Data Studio?

After the above, you will think that the problem with Data Studio is that we can only see data from Google's tools (Search Console, Analytics, Google Sheet, Ads, etc.). Well no, since you can connect other tools to your Data Studio to be able to incorporate different data (we will talk about this below).

With its connectors and sometimes through APIs, you can incorporate the data provided by other tools. This is where Google Data Studio becomes a "super-powerful" tool since you can add data or metrics from tools that help to know the SEO or ranking of your project.

One of the data that cannot be missing in these DS dashboards are those provided by the position tracking tools. In which project do we not look or do we have different keywords controlled? Some SEO agencies even only pass data on the positions of keywords (which we do not see very coherent).

Perhaps you know that by connecting Search Console to DS, you can check different queries. But of course, it is not the same as tracking or having control of the keywords that we want, or having more precise data than what Search Console provides on «queries».

Google Data Studio a Tool to Help Your Clients

Perhaps more than helping your clients, it will help you to teach the information to your clients.

Although there are tools such as "Rank Tracker" that allows you to get position reports, and even send them directly by mail to clients; With GDS you will go one step further in this transmission of data to your client.

A Tool That is the Perfect Complement to an SEO Data Studio Dashboard

You already have to know that the primary data providers for GDS are Google's tools (Analytics, Search Console, Ads, etc.). But as we have already commented, you can connect other tools through an API or directly from the tool. We have already discussed that keyword position tracking is a fundamental value for an SEO report (for us not as important as you do some years ago), but it is a tool that the client can use to quickly assess your SEO work.

Well, after trying different position tracking tools, we have opted for one that allows us two things. On the one hand, it is easy to implement it through its connector to GDS (that is, we don't need to work with APIs or get into programming complications). You can also pass the link to the client so that he can see the variety of positions daily, without having to have the tool.

It Also Has Its Part to Improve

Indeed, GDS also has some things that can be improved, and that in summary, for us, are the following:

Google Data Studio Essential for an SEO Agency

After all that we have discussed, you will have seen that it is an "almost" essential tool and that all SEO agencies can be used to help on a day-to-day basis, and especially in that part of SEO work that consists of reporting appropriately to the customer.

We hope that Google will continue betting on DS and bring us more functionalities and "facilities" to implement new metrics and graphs. If you want to know more about Google Data Studio or apply it to your project, you can get in touch or write us a comment.

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