SEO 2020: 9 Digital Marketing Trends and Factors You Should Know

SEO 2020: 9 Digital Marketing Trends and Factors You Should Know
SEO 2020: 9 Digital Marketing Trends and Factors You Should Know. Have you decided how you are going to focus your SEO 2020 strategy already? Don't worry if you haven't thought about it yet. In today's post, we are going to give you the keys to rank...

In today's post, we are going to give you the keys so that your website get rank next year.

9 SEO Trends in 2020


The optimization for mobile devices is not just a trend, but also a necessity for your business. In the last couple of years, mobile traffic has increased so much that it has surpassed computer traffic.

And it is that 2 out of every 3 minutes that we surf the Internet we do so from mobile devices, according to a report by IAB Spain, the advertising, and digital marketing association in Spain. Therefore, having a web page prepared for this format is essential to get traffic and conversions.

Voice searches

Continuing with The SEO Team Pakistan report, 51% of users recognize that they use a voice assistant to perform searches, such as Siri, Bixby, Cortana, or Assistant. In addition to informative consultations, with these assistants, you can buy, and this is the most interesting point for online businesses.

After Black Friday shopping and Christmas gifts, the number of households with smart speakers, such as Alexa or Google Home, is expected to increase significantly.

Something that you should keep in mind when writing the texts for your website is that, in voice searches, we use longer and more natural questions and phrases. In 2020, it will move from NLP (Natural Language Processing) to NLU (Natural Language Understanding) with the aim that Google's algorithm understands language like a human.

With this new way of understanding the language, Google will be able to identify the real needs of users better and show the most relevant result for each need.

Artificial Intelligence

Google tries to give the user the answer they were looking for clearly and simply. Its Rank Brain algorithm is based on the artificial intelligence system and helps the search engine to process the data to provide relevant search results. It can understand what you want to say in your texts, so the use of synonyms for your keywords is recommended.

The artificial intelligence is also capable of recognizing objects in images. It is known as a visual search that is carried out by uploading an image to a platform with the aim that the results yield a battery of images with similar characteristics.

Operating similar to voice searches, this technology attempts to identify targets as the human brain would and deliver results from there. Large companies, such as Google, Asos, or eBay, are investing in these new visual search tools.

Take a look at this example of how artificial intelligence can help your e-commerce:

Local SEO

The location of the user is a key factor for SEO. Have you noticed that in many searches you carry out, business listings appear ahead of organic results?

For users to find your business, you must create a profile on Google My Business and complete the information. The more information you offer, the easier it will be to locate your business. Also, we advise you to keep the schedule updated, add photos of the interior and exterior, and manage the reviews.

Video content

Video is gaining popularity, especially among young people, thanks to the many video blogs and tutorials on the Internet and thanks also to social networks.

It serves as a source of inspiration for many consumers who are thinking of purchasing a new product. This is why SEO on YouTube and other video platforms is going to be important in 2020.

It is expected that the streaming and ephemeral videos on Instagram and Facebook continued success. Personalized videos are likely to start gaining followers. Consumers want unique experiences, and these personalized videos deliver them.

Vertical search engines

Within the SEO 2020 trends, vertical search engines stand out. Your SEO effort should extend beyond Google, Bing, or Yahoo! Vertical search engines are those that are specialized in a specific sector or niche and that offer advanced search tools.

Some vertical search engines that you know are Amazon, YouTube, and Pinterest. If you sell products online, you must incorporate the SEO of these platforms into your marketing strategy.

The vertical ranking search is similar to the SEO in general search engines but has some features you should know. For example, some factors that Amazon takes into account are the number of sales, ratings, and price. In the case of Pinterest, the authority of each pin and your profile and the configuration of the boards are some important factors.

Chatbots improvement

Many businesses already incorporate chatbots on their web pages to interact with their users. However, some are not so developed and do not quite understand what each user needs.

One of the responses from chatbots that can most frustrate a user is: "Sorry, I didn't understand you." To avoid that feeling, you can have the chatbot redirect the conversation to a topic that it does understand. For example, you can ask the user, "Is your question related to (specific service)?"

Rich snippets

Have you heard of Rich Snippets? They are those pieces of information that appear highlighted in the Google SERP. Without a doubt, they are one of the SEO trends 2020 because they offer users the answer they need at a glance.

There are many examples: recipes, instructions, tables, local business cards... Although one of the best known is the one that occupies the zero position of Google. Yes, in addition to being first in Google, you can exit in position 0.

The zero position of Google is a fragment that provides an instant response to a question from the user. It includes among its elements an extract of a page, the SEO title, an image, and a link to that page.

Personalized messages

We talked before about personalized videos, and that is that more and more users demand more individualized attention. Launching personalized messages is one of the best ways to fight information overload.

The union of SEO and Copywriting is important to make your website position and convert. Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at your texts and focus on the pain points of your Buyer Persona. If you haven't defined it yet, these resources can help you. Download them for free!

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